• ~ A mind that is not questioned will have predictable answers, and for that familiar results. ~ When mental labels are given to people or things, what is left is an experience of imagination, not reality. ~ There is only one moment - Now. To say there are many moments is to mean memory + Now + imagination. ~ The now has never left, nor will it leave any sooner. ~ When love meets with no object, you become Love, itself. ~ When you have understood Life, there is no Death; except nature taking its course. ~ What is out there does not limit you except your ideas about it. ~ Either you forget or you are not. When you are not, you forget you are not. ~ Knowing and realizing is heaven and earth - one knows yet knows not, the other knows yet knows it knows. ~ You can only be miserable with your thought, not anything past or yet to come. ~ No mind, no problem. Know problem, never mind. ~ The mind is like air - you breathe and do not know air is being breathed until been told. ~ Reality and Realization are synonymous, thus cannot be thought of. ~ Happening is not you, nor is it to you. Happening, simply, happened - as quickly as it comes. ~ Stop trying to understand and instead let understanding unfolds in you. ~ The Truth is not somewhere at the end, but the beginning - Now. ~ Each idea only has its power by your believing in it. ~  Life is but simply the mind. ~ If you have not understood Mind, you will have difficulty understanding Life's maneuvers. ~ If by chance you meet me, say hello to the mind. ~ If you really wish to wake up, it has to be beyond the mind.
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    Essence of Mindfulness Meditation


    Meditation is not extraordinary. Neither is it spiritual. In fact, meditation is ordinary. And simple. Yet, it does not imply it is easy. But paradoxically, it is also not difficult! Meditation is mind’s work, not body. Mindfulness Meditation, specifically, is about noticing the workings of the mind. Nothing spiritual or difficult about this, isn’t it? [...]

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    Zen of Parenting

    zen-of-parentingWould you like to unravel some mystery on parenting? Do you want to understand the phases of develop[...]

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    The Vastness of NOW

    feature-cnc-plant9Strangely, Now is seldom seen or noticed although we can’t help but to be presented with the Now o[...]

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    T-Shirts with radical Generosity messages

    TshirtsWhen we started the project on the Generous Heart, we did not envision how people will just jump on [...]

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    The Generous Heart Forum

    TheGenerousHeartForumThe Generous Heart Forum: A Radical Perspective on Generosity What does generosity entail? Is gener[...]

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    Missing The Mark

    feature_Missing-the-MarkIt was said that the word “sin” is derived from Latin to mean “missed the markR[...]

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    Self Reflection

    feature_self-reflectionIn the hustle and bustle world we live in, where we are trying our best to make ends meet, achieve d[...]

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