Contemplative Quotes

If you have not understood Mind, you will have difficulty understanding Life's
The now has never left, nor will it leave any sooner.
What is there to seek except seek itself?
Truth prevails when all search ends.
When love meets with no object, you become Love, itself.
The Truth is not somewhere at the end, but the beginning - Now.
Mindful Generosity: Take a conscious choice. Choose kindness amidst deprivation.
The Generous Heart Movement
Either you forget or you are not. When you are not, you forget you are not.
When you have understood Life, there is no Death; except nature taking its course.
Because of views, what is present perpetuates. Because of views, what is present ends.
Your experiences are solely dependent on just these.
View becomes experience when we are not aware of it.
It is a grace to come to a realization what is truly present in THIS moment.
By nature the mind is poor. Feeding it only makes it poorer.
Subscribing to the mind's need is only to perpetuate its state.
Each idea only has its power by your believing in it.
Life is but simply the mind.
Stop trying to understand and instead let understanding unfolds in you.
If you really wish to wake up, it has to be beyond the mind.
Knowing and realizing is heaven and earth - one knows yet knows not, the other knows yet knows it knows.
What else is there to Now other than what you have to experience? Whatever experience is is... you. Like it or not.
It is not EXACTLY what I think it is. Period.
Only from this state of mind can the potential of realization be encouraged to arise.
When mental labels are given to people or things, what is left is an experience of imagination, not reality.
Reality and Realization are synonymous, thus cannot be thought of.
Happening is not you, nor is it to you. Happening, simply, happened - as quickly as
it comes.
What is out there does not limit you except your ideas about it.
A mind that is not questioned will have predictable answers, and for that familiar
Subscribing to the mind's needs is only to perpetuate its state.
Resisting it only makes matter worse.
Seeing it clearly ENDS it.
You can only be miserable with your thought, not anything past or yet to come.
The mind is like air - you breathe and do not know air is being breathed until been
No mind, no problem. Know problem, never mind.
The mind is to be realized, not to be experienced.
Only upon realization will experience be noticed as experience, and nothing further than that.
If by chance you meet me, say hello to the mind.
There is only one moment - Now. To say there are many moments is to mean memory + Now + imagination.


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